Training Plan For Triathlon 2006

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Our body, being a perfect engine is designed specifically for training or non-training. If you test its limits then you get what you expect- you become better. If you remain in the same pace over the duration of your training, the body will adopt to that pace. Therefore, you must never allow your body to get used to similar workouts. Put challenges into it.

Always do things that will help create an interesting training for you. Sometimes it is not fatigue that stops someone from training, it is the lack of reason to enjoy the activities. Device variations. Say take on a new train partner or train somewhere else other than your usual training grounds. This way, your motivation will be kept high.

Training for sprint triathlon is easier than with all other triathlon categories. Here is a sample sprint triathlon training schedule for you.


For amateurs, an ideal distance to start sprint swimming is 400 meters. This is within range even for those with really poor swimming background. If you feel that swimming would give you troubles, give it much of the discipline and stay on waters longer. This usually takes the longest to master since it is nearly pure technical work.

If you want to simplify your training, it would be best to watch strong swimmers do their things and follow their techniques if you can. It is always good to stay with larger training groups since they can provide you with advises and tips on training. You can do solo swimming yet crowd swimming will prepare you with the real feel during the race.


The bike part normally consumes the most time in a sprint triathlon. And this is actually when you can earn some rest since your body does not do much of the works. You can ride any bikes if you like so long as they provide you the ideal speed that you require plus the aerodynamics to help maximize each pedal cycle.


These might be the simplest part for anyone has the natural ability to run. But to run good after an energy-draining swim and leg-tiring bike is a different story.

Everyone has his or her weak sport, one only needs to know where it is and work on it well. Never bargain on the thought that you are good at one part and trust on it. The miles you have earned in your forte wont do good if you’ll lose them all in your second shot.

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