Glo Toob Be Seen

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GloToob used by Outdoor Enthusiast

The Glo Toob light was originally developed for scuba divers; however it has quickly become an excellent source for safety lighting in any outdoor situation. The Glo Toob’s biggest strength is its ability to travel in any condition and any depth, being 100% waterproof and virtually indestructible the Glo Toob is compact and lightweight.

Whatever the task at hand is, if you need a small area of illumination or you need a source of light in pitch darkness the Glo Toob is the companion you need. The Glo Toob is indispensable for anyone traveling outdoors in low light conditions.

Many users hang the light off their body or their equipment to warn others of their position. It is an absolute necessity at the crack of dawn or at dusk to warn on coming traffic of your presence. The Glo Toob is built to take a beating and will withstand anything you throw at it.

Other applications used by boaters are to provide marker lights when current lighting is not available. Keep the Glo Toob hanging off your life jacket and be spotted easily if you are stranded in the water or use the Glo Toob as a backup to your port and starboard lighting.

Glo Toob used as Safety Equipment

Glo Toobs can easily be used as a safe alternative to traditional flares. With its flashing capability the Glo Toob will warn on coming traffic well ahead of any dangerous situations. The Glo Toob is a necessity in any glove box.

Although flashlights are an excellent source of light during home power outages the Glo Toob will outlast any flashlight with it’s miser like battery consumption. Leave it the center of any room and enjoy the safety of light in complete darkness for hours to come. Use the lower colors like Amber as a safety light in a child’s room without disturbing their sleep.

Glo Toob used in the Military and Law Enforcement Markets

Glo Toob IR (Infra-Red) lighting is being used by the military to avoid friendly fire. This indestructible light has become a staple of many military groups around the world. With an almost endless source of light and it’s small, light footprint the Glo Toob is almost invisible in the pocket until needed.

The Glotoob comes in a few flavors they are:

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