Getting Great Abs

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It is always an ongoing debate as to which is the secret to great abs. Some believe that great abs is the outcome of a perfectly balanced healthy diet .Others say it is the exercise that gives you the ultimate shape. However, let me tell you whatever the debate is, both parties are only half-correct. Great abs can be achieved only when you have the perfect diet and when you workout.

Mostly in humans although the abdominal muscles are present, they are not visible. This is because there is a layer of fat that covers the abdominal region. For some people the fat layer is thicker which results in a huge paunch. For others, the fat layer is small. They do not appear fat, because they do not have bulging paunch. However, fat layer is still present which hide the abs.

Fats are stored energy houses of the body. When the body requires energy, it uses up the calories and burns the fat by metabolism. If the body has excess amount of carbohydrates then it is stored in the body in the form of fats. So, this gives rise to a wrong notion among the people, more so a myth. People in a bid to lose weight tend to go for crash diet courses or take up fad diet supplements.

These fad diet supplements promise to give the body the necessary ingredients but less calories. However, they are scientifically proven inadequate. As a result, a person harms his body more and fails to lose weight. A person who undergoes a course in fad diet supplements become weak and loses muscles. So, it is always better to have a healthy diet as given by dieticians. A healthy diet should be high on proteins (like fish and chicken) and plenty of water should be taken. One should not have items high on calorie levels, oil an red meat (like mutton, pork etc). Only egg white should be eaten and not the yolk. Avoid alcohol especially beer. Avoid dairy products as much as possible.

After one has followed a healthy diet chart, the next step is to workout. There is no short cut to sweating it out. One has to regularly jog, run and exercises. This not only keeps the body fit and flexible but also reduces stored fat. Fat reduction takes place by stopping the intake of excess calories and burning the already stored fat deposits. Diet regulation helps in the first and exercising helps in the second. Abs exercises help to develop the muscles, make them strong and flexible. This is vital to keep the body hale and healthy.

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