How To Build Your Triceps

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Many people who seek to increase the muscle in their triceps area tend to make the common mistake of believing that they are already being worked when you are focused on the chest muscles. While they do receive a bit of a work-out through this process, it is not enough to truly build them enough to show an increase in muscle mass.

Thus it is necessary to also do exercises specifically designed to build the triceps muscles. While training the triceps is necessary independently of working the chest, it is important to realize that to work them back to back would be detrimental to the development of the triceps as they, too, do need to rest between workouts and they do receive a minimal amount of stress during the chest workout. So it is advised that you leave a two day window before and after the chest workout before beginning a triceps regimen.

Once again, it is important to remember that all muscle groups need to be warmed up before you attempt to work them hard. So initially, it is it is important to stretch out these muscles before beginning to work them more intensely.

Once you have warmed up your triceps, the series of exercises below seem to be the most effective according to the body building experts to develop muscular and deeply cut triceps.

To begin, a very popular and effective means of developing those triceps is known as “Closed Grip Pushdowns.” These are accomplished by:

– Standing with your feet a slight distance apart in a tension weight machine. – Grasp the weight bars at waist height firmly with palms facing towards you. – Push the weight bar down; dropping shoulders slightly to fully work the triceps, and add an extra squeeze at the bottom for extra tension in the muscle. – Return to the starting position.

This exercise puts direct resistance on the triceps and is exceptionally effective in building the mass of the same. This routine should be done in three sets with twelve to fifteen reps. in each to assure a solid work out of the triceps muscles.

Another triceps-geared exercise that can be quite effective in building triceps is called “Closed Grip Bench Presses.”

– This can be done either sitting, standing, or lying down. – The barbell or weight bar is should be in front of you with the elbows slightly bent. – Pull the barbell or weight bar towards your chest until the elbows meet the triceps, just short of lockout while keeping the tension on your triceps. – Return to the starting position.

This exercise directly applies resistance to the triceps and can be felt through the tension in the arms at the end of each move. It should be done in four sets of eight to ten reps each.

“Parallel Bar Dips” are a wonderful triceps activity as they affect all three muscles in the triceps group at once. It is a workout move that truly adds to the building of muscle and should be attempted to be included in any plan to increase the triceps mass. Begin by:

– Positioning yourself on parallel bars with your back completely straight. *Leaning forward transfers the resistance to the pectoral muscles so to work the triceps, a straight back is essential. – Bending your elbows, drop your body as it is being held off of the ground by your arm strength only until your biceps meet your forearms and hold. – Return to starting position.

This exercise should be done in four sets with eight to ten reps. in each. This is truly a great way to work those triceps and make them all you want them to be!

But let us remember, it is the workout of these muscles in a regimented way without overdoing it or under-working them that will bring about the results you desire. All the curls in the world will not bring about the results that these few exercises, a healthy diet filled with a lot of protein, and a little devotion to structured workouts will give you in the end.

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