Two Important Reasons To Purchase A Hot Tub Cover

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If you are considering buying a hot tub or you have just bought one then you really should consider getting a cover for it as soon as possible.

So, why do you need a cover?

Consider this – you have just purchased your hot tub and you have waited a number of hours for the water to heat to the correct temperature before you could use it for the first time. Wow! you’ve just tried it and you want to be able to use it whenever you want without having to wait for it to heat up again, right?

That’s where you’ll get the first benefit of having a hot tub cover.

Your hot tub cover will keep the heat in, keeping your hot tub at just the right temperature ready for when you next want to have a soak. Not only that but it will save you a ton of money on your energy bills because you won’t have to keep re-heating the water, the heat is contained in the hot tub, where it belongs! Without a cover the heat will escape rapidly and you will rack up high bills trying to keep it at the optimal temperature.

Lets not forget the other big advantage of having a hot tub cover…

…keeping your hot tub clean.

Leaves, pine cones, insects and any other debris floating around can easily find it’s way into your hot tub making the water dirty. A hot tub cover should be a real priority if you have trees in your yard. Would you want to get into a hot tub full of garden debris? So not only will your hot tub be cold it will be dirty as well – yeuch! Also this debris can clog up your water pump, which will turn your water brown and could leave you with an expensive repair bill.

One size does not fit all

Hopefully it goes without saying that you want your hot tub cover to fit your hot tub – you don’t want any gaps where the precious heat can escape and the horrible debris can get in, so it must be a perfect fit.

Some hot tub professionals will come out to your house and take the measurements but if you can’t find one that will do that then you will need to go to your dealer.

So, go prepared – take measurements and photographs to make sure you get exactly what you are after – a hot tub cover that fits!

So to sum up – a hot tub cover will keep your heat in and keep your bills down, keep out debris from your garden or elsewhere and keep your water clean.

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