Agassi Demonstrates He Is Still The Best

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Andre Agassi’s crowd where chorusing play! last Sunday, the reason… maybe they wanted him to finish his first-round match against Paul Goldstein. Or, maybe they just hoped they could persuade Agassi back in the match.

Weather wasn’t by his side and then there was the element of frustration, but still Agassi managed to win the first set, 6-4. However, he couldn’t get it together and smashed his racket against the court when he lost the second set 4-6. I think he must have been looking for trouble since he had received already a warning for obscenity.

Before playing the deciding set, Agassi sat along the sidelines, he looked thoughtful looking at the slippery court and analyzing the possibility of not coming back.

Well, he did come back and he pulled through with a 6-2. Two minutes after the third set began, Agassi went to work while Goldstein crushed to the ground, he slid, and Agassi became more frustrated. However, that’s when he returned to the game, he lessened the errors, moved better and used the drop shot to his advantage to close out the match.

The drizzle was a concern to both players, but Agassi continued to press officials about the condition of the surface. He is a very talented player and pulled through regardless of the conditions of adversity and age which doesn’t seem to matter with Agassi…he is still the best.

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