What You Must Take To Golf School

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So, you are going to go to a golf school!!! No matter whether it will be part of your vacation or the golf school is local, everybody has the same question. What should you expect while at your golf school? As you are very excited to get your golf game on track, you stop and think. Now what do I do? Below are some things to expect and some tips to enjoy your decision.

1. You should consider another golf school, if the school you’re interested in, doesn’t have at least a four to one student/teacher ratio.

2. You will hit more golf balls in one day than you ever have in your entire life.

3. Take a note pad to jot down notes before, during and after an instructor is speaking. You will be receiving more information on golf than you have ever heard before as well. In turn do not be afraid to take notes and ask questions. This is why you are there, right?

4. The golf school you attend should include at least one playing lesson with an instructor in the group. It is one thing to practice by hitting golf balls but another step up onto a tee and play the golf course and put your golf tips into practice.

5. The golf school should offer video analysis of your golf game as part of the schedule. This should not be an extra expense to you.

6. In your free time what other activities are available? You may want to play golf however you will be hitting more golf balls than usual and may be ready to do something else before the sun goes down.

What should you do prior to your arrival to your golf school? Depending on how much time you have until you depart for your trip, begin to stretch on a daily basis as soon as possible. Many people will find themselves sore as they will be hitting more golf balls than you typically do. Also be sure to pack the following:

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