Unique Father S Day Gifts On The Cheap

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With Father’s Day right around the corner, the last minute scramble starts as people are rushing out to buy their dad a power tool or maybe a necktie. It doesn’t matter that he has every tool he could ever want or that he has a closet full of ties and only 5 occasions all year to wear them. Those are the default gifts and, we figure, they are better than a gift card. This year, why not shake things up a bit and get dad a gift that will make him jump for joy.

Anyone who has been around the midwest knows that Cornhole is the wave of the future. In case you aren’t enlighted, cornhole is a safer version of Horseshoes but it’s a lot more fun. The good thing about this game is that it keeps your dad’s lawn in good condition and it’s fairly easy to build. Some simple instructions, some basic carpentry knowledge, and a couple hours later you have your gift. Well, that’s not entirely true, you also need someone that can sew the actual bags that you pitch. But still, whether you choose to make your own or buy, this is a gift that is unique and practical (with all the summer BBQ’s on the horizon). Plus, it’s something that can bring the family together as you all gather around the boards.

Another idea that might be slightly easier to pull off is a game called “Washers”. This involves pitching “washers” at a small box. It’s the same concept as cornhole, but the game is much smaller. This might be a little easier to tackle if you don’t have any carpentry skill, but don’t let the simplicity of the game fool you. This game is fun! And if you don’t think so, you’ll have to take it up with the entire state of Missouri. And it’s easy to learn and play. So, easy to play, cheap to make, and it’s fun? That sounds like a winner to me.

So there you have it, there are a couple great games that tie in well with father’s day and summer. It’s something the whole family can enjoy and it’s perfect for those summer BBQ’s! Trust me, once you get playing, you’ll be the hero of the day!

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