The 16 Most Important Boat Parts

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Boat parts can be divided into the following categories:

* Anchor and Docking

* Boat Covers and Bimini Tops

* Cabin, Galley and Interior

* Clothing and Outwear

* Deck and Cockpit/Cabinet

* Electrical

* Electronics

* Engine Parts

* Paint and Maintenance

* Navigation

* Hardware

* Plumbing

* Propellers, Thrusters and Drive Parts

* Steering Systems

* Safety

* Fasteners

In considering each category, boaters can always choose whether to purchase their parts new or used. Also each category has many different options to choose from. For example, depending on where you are boating, determines what type of anchor is best to purchase.

Mushroom anchors are best where there are lots of rocks and ledges where you desire to anchor as opposed to hooker or flute anchors that can get caught on the rocks while trying to pull up the anchor.

In addition, boat parts can be purchased through numerous websites or at marine parts store locations. The best teacher for knowing about all parts, in our opinion is experience and talking with other experienced boaters.

The most important boat parts are considered your steering system, electrical system and batteries, however without a prop to propel the boat, everything else may be working but your boat is going nowhere.

It truly is best to carry any extra prop and to have dual batteries if you plan on going a great distance out, or you boat out in the cold, or if you own a boat longer than 20 feet.

Clothing is also vitally important. Getting wet in the wrong type of clothing is no fun. There are companies that specialize in boating clothing that is worth the expense.

Navigation aids for boats are a part of safety and assistance in knowing direction and location of where you are or where you want to go. It is very easy to get out onto a body of water and get a bit disoriented or confused on where you are. Navigation aids are tremendously important in assisting you for location and direction.

Paint and maintenance are most important if you moor your boat in saltwater. The bottom of the boat must be painted to help prevent corrosion and fouling organisms found in the water. It is best for the environment to have the paint be a non-toxic (no copper) paint. Also, monthly bottom hull cleaning of the boat (the part of the boat that is in the water) is essential to keep the boat running to its top level. There are many bottom boat cleaning diving companies that offer this monthly service.

Electronic boat parts include music radios, ship-to-shore radio’s, depth finders, GPS’s, radars and TV’s. On bigger or live aboard boats, electronics also includes your stove, microwave and A/C systems.

Electrical boat parts includes ship-to-shore power lines, wiring, exterior and interior navigational lighting, batteries, switches and fuses, chargers, inverters and meters.

The most important boat part in regard to plumbing we believe to be the bilge system. What this does is if water enters the boat, the bilge pump will automatically turn on and remove the water from the boat.

Clearly safety equipment is not technically a boat part but is considered essential and required in some cases to be always on your boat. Safety equipment includes first aid and medical kits, fire extinguishers, flares and signaling devices, EPIRBs, life rafts, & survival gear.

When it comes to boat parts, the word to keep in mind is prevention. Have the correct equipment on board and maintain the validity and integrity of all boat parts.

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