Top White Water Rafting Rivers

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If you love outdoor adventure, then river rafting must be on the top of your itinerary. There is indeed a dearth of words to explain the excitement of white water rafting unless and until a person has himself experienced it. Besides the heavenly pleasure of water rafting, you get an added advantage of having the world’s most picturesque scenery next to you. Now if you are going to go wild with the adventure of white water rafting, you should also know about the top white water rafting rivers.

Now let’s begin with the basics. River rafting is usually referred as whitewater rafting. It is an adventure sport performed typically in groups. Many groups of adventurers row down the flowing rivers in strong rubber inflatable boats along with a professional guide.

Now to serve these adventure freaks, many river rafting companies offer trips to the top white water rafting rivers. They arrange the whole adventure tour, by providing equipments that you would need there. A skilled and knowledgeable guide also accompanies you to navigate you or your group through the incredible experience of river rafting. But which white water river you need to explore for the best taste of adventure?

Many times amateur candidates wish to go white water rafting but keep worried about their basic skills and abilities to perform successfully in the rafting tour. In that case, it becomes too important for them to go through the unique white water rafting rivers’ classifications. They clearly tell/ and alert about the difficulty level of the river and the ability to do rafting in safe way.

Classifications of Rivers For White Water Rafting Tours

The white water rafting rivers are classified as per their difficulty levels. Let’s peep into the classification:

Class I: Class I rivers are meant for the beginners and the pleasure cruisers. They are the easiest ones that are quite safe for you and your family. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery without the turbulent white water rapids. The main members of Class I family are Rogue River and Oregon.

Class II: If prepared for white water, you should consider the Class II river rafting. It is considered as a fundamental level of water rafting. You can experience the thrilling rapids in Class II. The rafting tours comprise of wide rapid channels that bound the skill needed to maneuver through them safely. These rafting rivers are tranquil and have occasional ripples, waves and a few simple rapids. The three forks of the American River form a common Class II river.

Class III: The Class III white water river rafting includes intermediate level of difficulty for fighting the strong currents. You can manipulate your raft with more dangerous rapids channels. White water rafting on Class III river will get you wet. You will face the moments with peaceful combinations of turbulent rapids and eddies. At times, large boulders make way for tricky and quick navigations.

Class IV: Once you are pretty comfortable with the white water rafting basics, you are in Class IV. By now, you know how to manage your raft and it will get you some of the exciting rapids that need skills to master.

Class V: This class of rafting is an Expert Only level course. Only the avid rafters who can enjoy the challenge should go for Class V river rafting. It includes long expanses of perfidious rapids and loads of thrill. One can visit Colorado River/Grand Canyon to enjoy the class IV-V white water rafting experience.

Class VI: Only for the hard-core and experienced white water rafters. The Class VI white water rafting includes tremendously dangerous steering passages, rapids. It requires perfect skill from the whole group of rafters.

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