Golf Confidence Tip Golf Is A Journey Not A Destination

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What would you say is the most important aspect of not only becoming a better golfer (Senior or Beginner), but also experiencing complete fulfillment and enjoyment from the game? What aspect of this sport is the key ingredient to having the most fun and precision?

Some people say that patience is the answer. Others point out that practice and repetition is the key to success in golf. Some players even consider that having the right golf clubs is the magic potion to enjoying a better game of golf.

Great Answers, But…

I would have to agree that all of the above opinions are great and definitely have their place. But the most important aspect of golf that will help you become a skilled golfer, while at the same time having as much fun as possible is: Confidence.

Having confidence in yourself is of utmost importance in golf, and practically everywhere else in life as well. How you feel about yourself as a person will carry over into the quality of your game and the enjoyment you seek, or lack thereof. I have seen dozens of golfers increase their overall score and personal happiness with the slightest awareness and increase in their personal attitude and how they valued themselves.

Moving On To Performance

Increased confidence for the golf game does not stop at your individual self. The next type of confidence would be considered performance-oriented. Let’s be honest here, you can love yourself until the cows come home and still be insecure about your swing on the course.

If you have very little confidence in your ability to play the game then you will not perform well, plain and simple. And if you do not perform well then, you guessed it; you will leave the course feeling frustrated and angry.

How To Build All Around True Confidence

Your confidence levels can be adjusted and worked on step-by-step. With larger personal issues and how you feel about yourself as a person, improvement can take as little as a week or as long as a lifetime.

Low self-esteem levels can be many layers deep and uncovering them far outweighs the scope of this article. However, in terms of performance confidence on the golf course, there are definitely some universal steps which all of us can benefit from.

The most important element to understand, and get through your head, is that golf does not define your life. This sport develops over time. If you decide that you will only be happy when you become “better” at playing golf, then this happiness will elude you. You will end up chasing it for years.

True joy when playing golf comes by having fun and accepting the fact that golf is a lifelong journey, never a destination. Let me repeat that: Golf is a lifelong journey, never a destination. Write it down, live it, and watch your personal happiness increase along with your golf game.

To Build True Confidence – You Must Start With Your Body

Your game confidence level is meaningless without confidence in your body’s ability to perform. Especially for us Senior Golfers looking for our Power Stroke, we must actively work on our bodies. We have to maintain a daily routine of exercise. Further, we must use a constant and regular warm-up routine before taking that first stroke. All of this is outlined and explained in detail in my book “Senior Muscles – Why They Get Sore”, a step-by-step instruction manual for preventing and treating injuries. You can get your copy for free at my newsletter.

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