Rc Car Drive Testing For Speed

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Driving your RC car is what you cannot wait to do from the very beginning you start assembling the parts of your car to the day you finished it. The same excitement goes for those who prefer to purchase an already made RC car – the excitement of putting the car on its track and driving it is such a sudden rush of blood; a good feeling.

There are going to be challenges when driving RC cars at the beginning. But as the days, week and months go by; you will be able to drive more confidently. This would trigger your interest in driving faster, driving with style and driving either smoothly or aggressively. And so any opportunity that comes your way about driving with speed will interest you. Anything about driving RC cars interest you all of a sudden.

This attitude is normal especially when you have the passion towards RC cars. But just like any hobby or recreational activities, there are lessons you have to learn, tips you need to take. The first one would always be about tuning your RC car before putting it on any RC tracks. Make sure that everything is in good condition which means to say that the springs, tires, shock absorbers and everything else functions well.

Next, you would not think it necessary but it is important to take note of the settings of your RC car. This will be important for any changes that you make later on. Bring a stopwatch with you for any test run that you will be doing. If you are targeting to drive faster, it’s recommended to rely on a stopwatch than what you think. Sometimes, there are going to be days when you would think your previous run is faster than the next but then you do not have the accurate evidence to base it to, so having a stopwatch is better.

In aiming to drive faster or beating the current time you have from the last lap, try to see what works for you. Does an aggressive driving work better or you are usual smooth and familiar driving is good? How about changing to harder compound tires on your next run? What about the batteries? These are actually few of the many questions that you might ask yourself in aiming for speed. Be sure to take note of any changes you try so you would not have to try the same thing again if it still does not work.

When you have decided on what works better for your RC car, still make a note. You might want to take on driving styles as well. Also, it’s always important to keep your RC car in tune with parts functioning properly.

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