Three Options For Choosing A Swimming Pool Cover

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When shopping for a swimming pool cover, there are generally three options you can choose from, including: Winter Covers, Safety Covers, and Solar Pool Covers. Most pool manufacturers have a wide range of products that can suit the needs of any pool owner, and most can custom design a cover for you if needed. The important thing is to have an idea what you’re looking for and shop around for the best prices.

A swimming pool cover can either come in a manual style, meaning you pull over the water surface by hand, or you can purchase an automatic style that unrolls the cover with a push of a button. Some automatic covers even come with remote controls for convenience and ease. Compared to the manual styles, motorized covers can be quite expensive, but may be a better choice depending on pool size and individual homeowner needs.

Winter covers are one of the three main options when it comes to shopping for a swimming pool cover. These covers can be used all year long, but are especially useful in the cold winter months. Not only do they reduce water evaporation, the cover can also protect the pool from leaves and branches that can damage filtration systems. Most winter pool covers are made with a mesh like material, and while some are made like tarps and keep everything out.

Covers also can be made of a woven material that allows snow and water to drip into the pool even when covered. Since winter covers keep everything out of the pool, re-opening the pool may require a thorough cleaning or pumping out of excess water caused by rain and snow. Many homeowners add a leaf net to their swimming pool cover in order to separate debris from the cover during the opening process.

Another common swimming pool cover is a Safety cover. The main objective of this cover is to protect small children and animals from accidentally falling into the pool. These covers are made from strong material and are often found in netted or mesh fabric materials that can most often support large amounts of weight. This cover is different from other covers because it is tightly fastened to anchors on the side of the pool to prevent someone from sliding underneath it and into the pool.

Another common pool cover is a solar cover. These covers not only retain the water heat and prevent evaporation, but they also heat the water via the suns energy. Solar covers come in all shapes and sizes and can be fit to in ground pools, as well as above ground pools. Most solar covers are made from synthetic polyethylene material and can trap the suns rays and transfer the energy in order to heat pool water.

These types of covers can be environmentally friendly, and increase waters temperature by 10-15 degrees. A swimming pool cover can be considered a good investment. Not only do you reduce cleaning time when not in use, but energy and money can be saved from using natural resources.

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