Splake Trout

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Splake trout are a hybrid species, produced by reproduction between the lake and brook trout. Adult growth in splake trout is faster than in either of its two parent species, with many fish known to grow as long as 18 inches in length in just two years. Their appearance is very similar to that of the brook trout, though the presence of a slightly forked tail helps distinguish the splake trout from the brook trout. In recent years, splake trout have primarily been bred for their fishing opportunity, and are now present throughout most of Mains freshwater rivers and lakes. Due to the ease of which splake trout can be bred, their presence is not uncommon, with the species now found throughout the US and Canada.

The major advantage of the splake trout is the relative ease of which it can be caught all year round, making it a firm favourite with anglers from around the world. Like many other species, splake trout prefer the colder, deeper waters, and can be found in almost any freshwater location during the winter. In the spring and autumn months, splake trout can be caught near the surface using light tackle or flies, though deeper lures may be required in the summer months when the fish retreat to deeper waters.

Maine is home to hundreds of ideal splake trout fishing locations, with over 50 lakes dedicated to the breeding and fishing of splake trout alone. Some of the best fishing locations in Maine are the Messalonskee Lake, Kennebec River and Baxtor State Park, all of which are absolutely teeming with splake trout. However, no matter where in Maine your fishing trip takes you, youre unlikely to be very far away from a prime splake trout location.

Splake trout make the perfect introductory catch, offering beginner and experienced anglers alike the opportunity to land fantastic fish. Couple this with their relative abundance and reasonably good size, and you have one of the best game fish available in Maine. Whether you prefer a quiet day by the river or a more adventurous boat trip out onto the lake, a little patience will yield great rewards when looking to land splake trout.

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