Electric Scooters The Alternative Transportation

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Years have passed and the glory of having your own car has long worn away. Your sitting solidly in the middle of the middle class and the high price of gas is starting to wear away at your budget. As you drive from the grocery store to the bank and then across the road to the hardware store, you notice a little old lady pulling out of the beauty shop, a brightly colored scarf protecting her newly curled hair as she putts along on her little eclectic scooter.

Glancing at the gas tank you realized that simply running your weekend errands has used up nearly a quarter of tank in your pick up truck. You glance back at the little old lady as she vanishes around the corner, you remember you old scooter and how all you had to do is plug it into a wall for a few hours and it was recharged and ready to go. It had been such a carefree method of travel, so cheap and clean. You wonder if life will ever return back to those simpler days.

Guess what, they can.

As a result of the rising cost of gas more and more people are buying electric scooters. They claim that the electric scooters are convenient, user friendly, efficient, and fun.

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular as a way to run errands. They are faster and less physically taxing than walking, and dragging bags of groceries, clothing purchases, and newly filled prescriptions back and forth across town gets really old really fast. Although the electric scooters are not as fast or powerful as their gas guzzling cousins, they are small, silent, lightweight and can scurry up most hills without a second thought. If you rely on public transportation an electric scooter can fold into a neat little compact bundle and go right on the bus bike rack. A gas powered scooter is usually not allowed.

Electric scooters aren’t all fun and games. Though there are models with headlights, taillights and turn signals, approaching traffic may have a hard time seeing them in foul weather and at night. They do not mingle well with traffic and require strong defensive driving skills.

The average electric scooter can travel anywhere from 8 to 25 Mph, depending on the type. Traditionally electric scooter seldom experience mechanical problems and are easy to maintain. Charging an electric scooter’s battery can sometimes take as long as 4-6 hours.

If you decide that an electric scooter is the scooter for you there are a few things you should consider before you purchase one.

1. Ask yourself what type of terrain will you be riding on? Are you going to be going up and down a lot of hills?

2. How many miles do you plan to travel on the average outing on your electric scooter? Remember that trips back and forth to the grocery store and laundry mat add up to a lot of mileage. Once you have decided the average length of your trips look for a scooter capable of traveling at least double the length per charge.

When you find your perfect scooter don’t forget to purchase some basic safety gear at the same time. Helmets and knee and elbow pads are an inexpensive way to avoid a lengthy stay in the hospitable.

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