Kimbo Street Fights Are Inspiring Fighters Around The Globe

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Miami based street boxer Kimbo did not get his reputation as one of the toughest street fighters simply by ordinary fights. Known as the king of street fights, Kimbo Slice has some real street fights under his sleeves.

Kimbo’s first reputed street fights was with Leonard Bryd. Actualy it was one-sided bareknuckle boxing fight between him and Bryd, another large black man in a backyard in Perrine, Florida. The king easily dominated the fight, his several mean blows to Bryd’s right eye made it a bloody mess and understandably, after a good number of knockdowns, Bryd refuses to contest anymore. For Kimbo, he’s in a restless state, yelling at his opponent to hurry up the fight while Byrd hardly have the time to even catch his breath. The end of the fight, one sees Kimbo giving a short statement, unashamedly telling the audience that’s the way a niggar eats!

Another famous fighter that Kimbo fights in the streets is with Sean Gannnon, known aptly as ‘ the Cannon’. This is the sole fight where Kimbo loses and that too to a cop! Anyhow, Kimbo was actually challenged by the Boston police officer in 2003 and it takes place in an enclosed padded room with a full audience in attendance. This fight is also mixed in some controvercies regarding the rules to be followed; both agreed that kicking and ground submissions were not acceptable. There came some disagreement from the supporters of the cop that it was within the rules for Gannon to use his knees and attempt standing submission against Kimbo. Well, the fight started with some punches from both which was soon followed by Kimbo grabbing the cops midsection but soon Gannon retaliated in a quillotine choke. This was met with huge protests by Kimbo’s supporters that it was againt the rules and interfered in the fight, blocking the camera too. This led to the release of Kimbo from the death grip, then the blackguy pummels the cop vigorously but Gannon was soon able to stand up and caught Kimbo in another mighty choke. Another protest from Kimbo’s supporters came and also when the cop delivered a few knees to Kimbo’s face by bending him down. By this time both were quite exhausted and soon, Gannon became more fierce, knocking Kimbo thrice after which Kimbo was not in much shape to continue and the Cop from Boston was declared the winner. And yes, this bout in the underground street fighting with Kimbo did no cost Gannon his job but a reputation as the Cannon.

Another famous fight was with Rasta. Here each fighter were able to dodge and block the other’s attacks well. But this is not Kimbo’s style. Soon he delivers a mean uppercut to Rasta’s face, bleeding his nose profusely and Rasta declares that he’s done. Over the internet, several challenges and mean fights of Kimbo can be found. He’s someone to be feared, declaring openly that he has the passion to fight real fights and for the money too.

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