Bigfoot Campers

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One of the industry leaders in recreational vehicles is Bigfoot, making all sorts of vehicles, among them campers. Bigfoot campers are of excellent quality, are comfortable and stylish, and are loaded with a variety of standard features. These features will be enough to satisfy even the most demanding RV enthusiast. You can find a few different types of travel trailers, truck campers, and Class C motorhomes at Bigfoot. Take a look at some of the leading Bigfoot campers:

Bigfoot 1500 Series Truck Campers

If you’re looking for a light, aerodynamic camper, these are best that Bigfoot offers in its Camper lineup. They are constructed with molded two-piece fiberglass and are insulated with one-inch high-density polystyrene. They also come with a healthy amount of standard features, and top-quality appliances. You’ll have the choice of three different interior decors, all of them pleasant and stylish. There are four models you can get in either short or long box configurations. There’s really a Bigfoot 1500 Series for everyone, no matter what their RV preferences are.

Bigfoot 2500 Series Truck Campers

These campers come in short and long box configurations. They’ve got one-and-a-half inch polystyrene high-density insulation and come loaded with all the standard features. They’ve got large storage compartments on the basement exterior, and have enclosed tanks to hold both fresh and waste water. These tanks are heated by a powerful 30,000 BTU furnace. These campers are made out of a pair of gelcoat molded fiberglass shells, which are linked together like the hull and deck of a boat, providing a weatherproof, durable design.

Bigfoot 3000 Series Truck Campers

Featuring our trademarked Fibercore Wall System

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