How To Take Effective Drive Shot To Acquire Maximum Distance

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In order to take effective drive to acquire maximum distance, there are some important elements, in terms of developing you physical capacity such as body and muscles.

You have to be strong

It doesn’t mean that you have very small or big body shape, but I mean you should have strong muscles. The strength of muscle is very important for golf players who wish to take a shot to get the maximum distance and this really depends on how strong of the muscles you have. Generally, building muscle and increase its strength can be developed by taking weight training, especially the muscle of arms, wrist, shoulders, body and legs.

Take constant training will definitely help you to improve your shot to get maximum distance.

However, you have to be aware that the strength of muscles alone is not enough, you have to learn about how to build and develop muscle flexibility. You should not take too much intensive weight training, because this will only help to generate muscle strength, not make it flexible on movements. Therefore you should take the training that not too much focus on building muscle, but choose the weight training programs that also practice flexibility at the same time.


This refers to the flexibility of the body and muscles. Good golfer not only having strong body, but also need to develop muscle flexibility. The flexibility of the muscles has significant effect to your swing, both top swing and down swing as well as support they body during twist. Therefore, as mentioned above, golf player should have constant training that focus on building and develop muscle accordingly. There are some important muscles that you have to develop and practice for flexibility; shoulders, body, waist and joints.

Basics, Basics, and Basics

This may be the most important element you have to practice in order to take an effective shot. If you can not perform the right basic when taking a shot, you will never get a good results even you can do the rest of the process perfectly.

Important element of golf basics

Address and alignment

Address and alignment is one of the important basic, which most of golfer ignored. In fact, it is the most important fundamental of any other basic elements, because the right approaching will benefit to other element such as power of a shot and swing approach.


Grip is much more important than any other basic elements of golf basics. If you can not grip correctly, this may be gripping too tight or too loose. Especially in case of gripping too loose the power may not be fully transfer to hit the ball so you can not perform effective drive.

This refers to the whole process of swing, from when you approaching, top swing and down swing. However, perform effective swing has direct impact to the direction of the ball rather than the distance of the ball. However, correct swing also has minor effect to the distance, that is, wrong swing perhaps make you to much worry about the direction so you may not give the full power to your shot and this effect to the distance of the ball.

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