Sea Kayak Gives Endless Adventure

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Sea kayak encourages the sport of paddling on open waters of lakes, bays and oceans. They are stable and seaworthy with a covered deck and ability to incorporate a spray deck if needed. One of the advantages of these kayaks is that they are extremely maneuverable and versatile and can be used for straight line paddling, comfortable long journeys and for carrying cargos. Sea kayaks has a hot market as it is used in trips which can last for few hours to many weeks, accommodating two to three paddlers along with camping gear, food, water and other supplies.

Sea kayaks are available in a wide array of material, designs and size to meet the needs of different types of paddlers. Most of the modern kayaks carry the contemporary traditional designs but some recent innovation includes: recreational kayaks, small sea kayaks with wide beam, sit-on-tops kayaks, inflatable kayaks and surf skis. Following are some of the important things to note about these kayaks:

Size: Most of these kayaks are between 12 feet to 24feet in length. The width is 18 inches to 28 inches. Specialized kayaks such as surf skis are narrower.

Materials: Many kayaks are made from fiberglass, rot molded polythene and Kevlar. Others are made of carbon fiber and royalex.

Used for trips: Modern sea kayaks are used for carrying large amount of equipments needed for long expedition from tropics to the artic.

Safety: Safety of the kayaks depends only on the paddlers, unless the weather conditions become a hurdle. A well practiced Eskimo roll is essential to safe open water kayaking.

Sea kayaks are present in the market in large amounts, so choosing the one to fit you and your needs has to be carefully done, keeping in mind some important issues as:

1. Suggested paddlers weight range is different for each kayak design.

2. There should be an ideal loading on the kayak.. Never select a kayak by its maximum capacity as many times it is tempting but the total truth is not stated.

3. Front height of the cockpit is important as higher the cockpit entry an exit becomes easy and also less water fills in your lap and inside the kayak.

4. Rear gear of the cockpit needs to be higher and should have solid back rest for comfortable cruising and long kayaking trips.

Sea kayaking is environmentally friendly and appeals to all ages as most us enjoy the beautiful nature, open spaces and fresh air. It offers special kind of freedom and is a natural progression from flat water kayaking to exploring the great oceans.

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