Watching Table Tennis On Video

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Die-hard sports fans do not only want to play the game but also see it in action. This means catching the event live on such shows like ESPN and even having the video collection at home.

Videos of such events were only possible after the camera was invented. This meant that when table tennis started many years ago, radio announcers could only say what was happening and then that was it. If the person was busy doing something else, it is gone forever.

Table tennis videos are seldom sold in Blockbuster Video. The person may have better luck in sporting goods store or in tournaments that usually have a small booth set up that offers such memorabilia.

Another place that has a collection of these is in the Internet. This is because almost every historical event in the world has been uploaded for people to use as reference.

Some of the videos date back to the 1970’s. One website may not have the match the individual is looking for so it will be a good idea to look at other sites until it has been found.

A video collection set may contain the quarterfinals, semifinals and then the final matches while others will skip through everything and head for the main event. The person can look at some previews for free and then just order a set so this can be delivered to the home.

Other websites allow the customer to download certain clips especially in the final matches. The person should just have enough memory in the hard drive to keep a record of everything but should it run out, perhaps it is the time to burn this into a CD.

Table tennis videos are not there to capture a moment in time. This can also be used to help each new and veteran players how to play better in the game. Some stores sell these for under $20 which is the standard price for instructional videos.

Watching the video doesn’t make the person a better table tennis player. This can only happen by taking notes and practicing the same thing with someone else. Some people can even make a personal video which can be reviewed later so the person will perform better in actual competition.

Most stores online sell these either in VHS or DVD format. There are those who offer a discount when more than two are purchased. It will be a good idea to get these now because these are not mass-produced like the movies. The time may come when these are out of stock and will no longer be available.

Learning table tennis from a qualified instructor is the first step to becoming a better player. Given that there are different styles of playing the game, it wouldn’t hurt to watch how others do it so this can also be adapted to the particular style that the person is using.

This can only be achieved by watching some of the best athletes in the world on television but if it is too fast to grasp, these are always available on video. This tool can give insights and provide a better understanding of the game especially when all the person has to do is rewind and play again by pressing the remote control.

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