Nba Prolific Scoring

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There are many professional basketball players who have many different talents, and some teams have players who specialize in the defense and others that specialize in offense. Yet there is one player who can do it all. This talented NBA player is Kobe Bryant. He is probably the best player in the entire NBA. During one game, he scored a whopping eighty-one points. This caused him to score nearly 60 % of the total score for the Los Angeles Lakers, which is an astounding percentage. Some people feel that he is merely a ball hog, and sometimes he may actually be a ball-hog, but being one isn’t a negative thing. It’s actually a positive thing because he’s doing a great deal to help his team make it to the play-offs. One pro basketball player can’t possibly win a game by himself, so obviously the entire team has to contribute, and they definitely do.

Although Kobe Bryant is an awesome player, and has scored such high amounts per game, there is another basketball player who has outscored him. This person is Wilt Chamberlain, and he is currently deceased. Chamberlain scored an amazing one hundred points in a single game. He played for the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, yet he retired from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Again, though, we can’t forget about the importance of the other players and their significance in assisting the team in winning the game, and ultimately the championship. Besides just scoring a play in defense, there are many players who contribute by assisting and getting rebounds and blocking shots. Every pro basketball player has his area of expertise. Some players don’t do well at making free-throw shots, but they may do well making regular baskets. On the other hand, a player may do excellent at making all or most free-throw shots, but not as well making regular shots. Wilt Chamberlain was famous for his ‘underhand’ free throw shot, which he did very well at.

Although Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons plays pro basketball very well, he doesn’t do very well with free-throw shots. Perhaps it is because of the pressure that placed on him in that moment, especially if scoring could mean the difference between winning or losing the game.

So, as you can see, there are some really prolific NBA players, no matter if they score immense amounts or block many shots

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