Death Case Of Diver

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This article not refreshing to hear. It may have advantage to friend like diver.

Data from Divers Alert Network(DAN) to mention case death of diver have seven rank.

1. Heart failure Diver was encouraged have the symotoms can is severe drowned until from the tension and the tiredness.The diver can protect should maintain one’s health and be persistent every time,exercise regulary,eat food low fat and enough for relax.

2. Tired The diver use power to exceed until power to be exhausted can’t help your self which finally down.


The diver to be certain tired result .If feel tired should stop and has long respiration,find something it can hand hold which can help you lose to tired in short time.The good plan is many can protect all problem.

3. Air not enough or Air have no more

This problem have very bad which it come to tired and use more air.The dive in altitude more deep and regulator not efficiency.


The diver should to repeat the problem and way to amend without air situation or few air.This will have event first step should to go up if can’t do it you use regulator spare of buddy.If don’t have buddy and not deep water you should make free ascend or CESA

4. To reap or to be caught in under water

To be productive from string fishhook and to lose one’s way in cave or a carrion boat.If to reap string fishhook you should stop and amend of problem to reap before to raise problem if you make from instinct.

5. Fast to go up until can’t control

This problem to bring about Bends sickness and lung to many magnify


Should train good to go up and take care of relation all device offer.

6. Panic on water surface

Then forget to remove a bullet and forget fill air in BCD


Train and repeat to amend the problem regular on water surface.

7. Device to be damaged

Problem majority born from a little device to be damaged and lead to tension finally can’t control this event.


Should check device regular


1. The diver should to remember rule mannes and serious to perform of rule appropriate don’t to be remiss or to remain inactive and don’t to be careless.

2. Buddy system Problem is not wait buddy in to drive time,can’t remember buddy, can’t find buddy.You should remember triat of buddy example suit,fin,mask,color of pipe,snorke and looking find buddy at the same time.

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