Fireworks The 6 Things You Must Know To Put On Your Own Show

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Putting on your own fireworks show can be a dazzling, albeit dangerous undertaking and knowing about the effects as well as the dangers of the different types of fireworks is vital. Before you start, it is essential to call your fire station and local police and find out which fireworks are legal and which are not.

The six most important factors in putting on your own fireworks show in include:

Selecting a site that is appropriate: Take into consideration the firing area, the fallout area and the spectator area. Select an open area that is away from hospitals and other buildings and make sure the ground is level and there is no dry brush or grass around the display area. Also make sure there is plenty of space around the display area where aerial fireworks can safely fall back on without causing any damage or harm. The spectator area should be at an appropriately safe distance.

Choosing the right combination of fireworks: If you have an adequately safe space, go all out and create a brilliant pyrotechnics show with an assortment of aerial fireworks including rockets, finned missiles, roman candles, helicopters, multi-shot repeaters and reloadable shells kits. You have to limit your choices if you have a smaller space.

Safety: Protect yourself by wearing clothes that are resistant to fire as well as a good pair of safety goggles. It is vital that there should be some source of water nearby, whether it is a water hose or several gallons of water in containers.

Setting up the display: Make all preparations during daylight hours. Place the fireworks with smaller ones in front and the large, high flying ones at the back and further away from the spectator area.

Firing the display: Before starting up the display confirm the direction of the wind and make sure that the fallout area is still downwind and spectator area is still upwind. If the wind direction has changed, you will have to change the position of the fireworks and how they are fired. Have two people handling the display – one for the ground fireworks and the other handling the aerial display. This will reduce the gaps in the display and enhance the continuity.

Cleaning up after the show: Inspect the whole after the show and make sure there are no smoldering embers left anywhere. Bag up all used fireworks including those that did not light and dispose of them safely. Leaving firework litter around could be highly dangerous.

Fireworks Safety

Along with common sense, it is extremely important to read all warnings and cautions and treat fireworks with respect. While they can result in a brilliant display, they can also cause a lot of damage if used indiscriminately. Make sure all local laws regarding lighting of fireworks are obeyed. Throwing fireworks from automobiles or lighting them indoors can lead to dangerous situations and accidents. Lighting multiple devices indiscriminately can be equally dangerous.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when lighting fireworks or putting on a fireworks show:

Never use illegal explosives or fireworks meant to be handled by professionals only.

If fireworks are illegal in your area, don’t break the law, especially if they have been banned for reasons such as drought conditions.

Light all fireworks only outdoors in open spaces making sure there are no vehicles or other combustible items around.

Do not light fireworks in areas that are surrounded by dry brush or grass as even a spark can start off a full-blown fire.

Do not alter the fireworks in any way or combine them in an indiscriminate manner. Use them as intended to avoid dangerous situations.

Light fireworks only when you are sober. Alcohol and fireworks is a dangerous combination.

Never allow children to play with fireworks unattended or unsupervised.

Wear good safety goggles when lighting fireworks and wear clothes that are flame-retardant.

It is important that there should be a source of water nearby. A water hose with a steady and unlimited supply is the best, but if that is unavailable then ensure you have plenty of water available in several containers.

Never carry fireworks in your pockets or give them to children to carry around.

Never light up a dud immediately. Give it some time to die out completely before approaching.

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