New York Yankees Tickets Is This The Team That Gets Number 27

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New York Yankees tickets have always been hard to find, but in recent seasons, the loyal fan base and the owner have become increasingly impatient with the team’s championship “drought” of seven years. Most teams in MLB should be stuck in such a “rut,” but the Yankees are just a little different than most other teams. They’re expected to win it all every year, and this season is no different. Below we’ll take a look at their overall prospects for the 2007 season.

Offseason Changes

The Yankees were amazingly quiet this offseason, even though they’ve traditionally been one of the biggest players on the free agent market. Their “moves” involved rumors more than actual transactions, and these rumors included the possible departure of Joe Torre, but he is returning for another season. The team also added 1B Doug Mientkiewicz with a one-year contract, P Kei Igawa and IF Juan Miranda. These are hardly planet-shattering moves, but each of them could definitely be seen as solid for the overall depth of the team.

Players to Watch

For better or for worse, many New York Yankees tickets are purchased for the right to either cheer or jeer Alex Rodriguez. This super-talented superstar is always the main attraction, and this season will be no different. If he’s right, there’s nobody better, but if he’s off, he’s a lightning rod for criticism. It’s always one extreme or the other for A-rod.

Of course, the team is much deeper than just Rodriguez. In fact, as usual, the Yankees are loaded. That starts with SS Derek Jeter, continues with the likes of Jason Giambi and is completed with difficult outs like Johnny Damon, Bobby Abreu and the return of OF Hideki Matsui. When the Yankees are healthy, there’s no better batting order in the majors.

2007 Outlook

As it seems to be every season, the AL East will most likely come down to the Yankees and the Red Sox. This year could see the Blue Jays contend as well, but at most this will be a three-team race for the division title. The Yankees are unbelievably talented, but their pitching staff is far from dominant and this is not a young team.

Therefore, they need to stay healthy and get a decent ERA from their staff so that Mariano Rivera, considered by many to be the greatest closer of all time, can earn his saves and keep the Yankees at the top of the standings. It’s going to come down to the stretch run in September and October, but expect the Yankees to be there as always, and expect New York Yankees tickets to be difficult to find.

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