Waiting For The Mood Bus To Arrive

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How many times have your heard “I’m not in the mood”… or “When I’m in the mood, I’ll do it,”?

We talk about our “moods” as if they are things that come along like buses or trains and we hop on and ride them until it’s time to get off when we reach a destination, wherever that is and wherever it ends up.

Pull the Cord – DING – time to get off!

When it relates to the gastric bypass bariatric weight-loss patient, the “mood” is a very funny thing to measure since we find ourselves on incredible mood swings at times. Why is that? Why do we have such mood swings for about the first six months of our weight-loss journey?

It’s basically because fat cells harbor our hormones; and when we are shrinking away our fat cells, our hormones are affected tremendously, and often, they appear out of control. Some of us are better at coping with these drastic hormonal changes, and others certainly are challenged with disguising their mood swings…. I bet right now, you can identify a few situations where you didn’t understand why you suddenly lashed out at someone, cried unexpectedly, or totally misunderstood something and took it offensively. You’re confused as to why you have reacted in this fashion when it’s not even in your character. If it normally isn’t in your character to behave in such a manner, then you have to realize that your fat cells and hormones are on the roller coaster ride of their life and they too are confused! They’ve never before been subject to such sudden and dramatic changes because you’ve never lost so much weight so rapidly before in your entire dieting history.

How can you counteract these mood swings? Here’s some tips:

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