Breath Self Fulfilling Prophesy For Persuasion

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“Simply breathe – deeply and often, and whatever you do, don’t stop breathing!” –Cheryl Lynne Rubbo

In this exercise to strengthen rapport and enhance persuasion, you are going to learn to lead your wealthy clients and prospects with a simple word: breathe. This is something we all do to stay alive, and yet, in essence, you’re going to take credit for this biological function for persuasion purposes.

Pacing and leading with our clients and prospects is an understanding. We understand that the part of the mind that we’re going after is literal, it is childlike, and it does exactly as it is told. Issuing hidden (or not so hidden) directives, embedded commands and firm instructions as a drill sergeant would, allows us access to a place in their minds which wants and needs to be ordered around. This may sound strange, but it is absolutely true.

The unconscious mind is reactive. It’s not intelligent or thinking. It just does what it’s told to do, responds to what it is required to respond to and stores all that we need it to store. A massage therapist I know once told me that as she is working on a client’s back, she takes an audibly deep breath, and they follow her lead. ‘Ninety nine times out of a hundred, they take a very deep breath with me. This way, I don’t have to constantly be saying, ‘take a deep breath, take a deep breath’ because they respond to my very deep, very relaxing breath.’

When you are in deep rapport with someone, you can simply say in the course of the conversation, ‘breathe’, and they will breathe. This is also a great way of checking to see if you have rapport. You can say, ‘One of my clients said to me (pause, lower your tone), just breathe.’ And then watch. My guess is that your results with this will be the same or very similar to the results of the massage therapist.

Of course, the nice thing is, if you wait ten seconds, everybody’s going to breathe. We simply don’t hold our breath for long. We can’t. And when they breathe, you look at them and say, ‘Yes. Just like that.’ You take credit for the prophesy which has just been fulfilled. This deepens rapport as a result. You say ‘breathe’, sooner or later they have to.

Embedded commands and hidden directives can be immediate or they can be time released. These commands and directives have the capacity of being repeatedly recalled by our prospects and clients over and over so that when another conscious deep breath is taken, they will link it back to you.

Because you were the one who said ‘breathe’ this comes back to being true for you. Look for additional ways to do that from time to time. For anybody who wants a challenge, come up with a few more ways of doing that. How do we issue instructions that are self-fulfilling prophesies and which must be carried out?

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