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Ghostwriting is writing content for others and assigning all rights to the content to the person who has paid you for it. This means that your name will not appear on the published work and you’ll gain no public recognition for it.

Are you hoping for a home business that will let you use your creative writing gifts to generate an income? Ghostwriting may not be for you.

Just Kidding! Actually there might be some truth in it. A love for creative writing doesn’t automatically transfer into ghostwriting talent. Creative writing usually involves writing about topics that feed your personal interests. Ghostwriting on the other hand is writing about topics that other people choose and embracing writing styles that might not appeal to your personally.

If you do write well, have a strong command of language and grammar and also happen to enjoy researching a wide variety of topics, ghostwriting may indeed be a perfect business choice for you. But to succeed as a ghostwriter you’ll have to shake some of your expectation and embrace a professional business plan.

Ghostwriters serve a community of authors, speakers, internet marketers and website owners who need original content created that they don’t have the time or perhaps even the talent to create on their own. Ghostwriters pen articles, special reports, ebooks, web copy and even full length books for their clients.

Ghostwriters earn anywhere from $7 per article on the low end to thousands of dollars for a full length book. Obviously to get started, you’ll gain more clients by offering your services at a lower price. As you gain experience you’ll be able to command higher prices.

Providing miscellaneous writing services to others will often involve deadlines but at the same time it gives you some flexibility in a work schedule. You can write anytime and pick up where you left off from day to day. There’s very little need for telephone calls or venturing out of the home for appointments as most work will be assigned through emails.

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