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Using webrings to build your telemarketing lead list is a excellent way to acquire leads. Webrings serve two purposes. First they can bring your websites much exposure. Second you will find websites in pretty much every field that can help you, with whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Before you can start using webrings to gain exposure for your websites, you must register. Go to and sign up. After you have completed the signing up process go through their start-up pages. One other point, when you decide to join a webring you will have to paste their code on your webpage.

Now this is the tricky part of using your webrings to build your telemarketing lead list. You must look for webrings that have high traffic. After that you want to find webrings that are relevant to your websites. For example if your websites are about dogs, it would not make any sense to join a webring focused on stock tips. Make sure your website is well done, having a good website will help you get accepted into a webring. Normally the high traffic webrings want only quality websites added to their webrings. So it is vital that your website is looks good and has quality content. Next you need to have a form on your webpage that asks for the customers info. Explain to them on the page that they will be receiving a call to qualify them and you now have a lead.

If you have friends with similar websites, you should think about starting your own webring.

If you plan are starting your own webring, here are somethings you should follow. Never allow a poorly done website in your webring. The websites reflect on you and your business. Demand the very best. The more quality websites you have the more traffic you will get. Next, find websites that you like and ask the webmasters to join your webring. Explain the benefits of the free traffic they will be getting. Follow this formula and you should have your own traffic producing webring in no time.

Using webrings to build your telemarketing lead list can bring you endless leads.

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