What Is Your Worth

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Persuasion is a huge field of study. . . as big as human nature itself. And as I continue to explore all of persuasion in my work, lately I’ve been focusing in the very specific goal of persuading the affluent and accessing that affluent mindset within ourselves.

When we more specifically define our goals, our targets, our specific & particular paths – we set our intention.

I have set out to define affluence more fully recently. The dictionary’s definition is not expansive enough for our purposes because of how individualized our perspectives are, but it’s a good place to start.

Affluence: 1. A plentiful supply of material goods; wealth. 2. A great quantity; an abundance. 3. A flowing to or toward point.

This brings up the following questions: affluence is a great quantity, but what is that in relation to? Affluence is a plentiful supply, again, compared to what?

When we get down to it, affluence is a combination of these three factors:

1. net worth

2. cash flow

3. disposable income

This is going to vary significantly from person to person, audience to audience, location to location. And so for our purposes of persuasion, we have to define affluence for ourselves.

For example, what you consider affluent today, may not seem affluent to you a year from now or ten years from now.

The goal is to constantly set the bar higher and continue to grow and progress.

If you are a financial adviser and have clients with million dollar net worths today, maybe a year from now you’ll be working with clients that have a million just in cash to invest with you.

And three years from now your client

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