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Writing articles is an excellent way to build your reputation, as an expert in your field. It is also a good way to build profits, into any affiliate program you are promoting. The key is to write informative articles, without having them sound like advertisements.

There are many ways to incorporate your affiliate hyperlinks in an article submitted for publication. The most common and acceptable way to do this, is by including a short bio of yourself as author of the article, along with a hyperlink to the site of your choice.

This will build your reputation as an expert. And your readers will go to the recommended website for more information. You can also tell your readers that as an expert, you highly recommend this certain product or service, and that you have used it yourself.

This is called the author resource box, and it is standard practice with almost all article directories and submission sites. If you are submitting to individual sites, make sure to include a disclaimer along with your article, that the resource box must be included, if the article is to be republished in any blog, ezine or newsletter.

Another way is to write a review, of a certain product or service, and tell the reader that they can have a look at the product, by following the link in the article.

Many article directories will allow up to three such links within each article, as long as the article itself, is not just an advertisement for said product or service.

This can work to your benefit if you join several different affiliate programs within the same niche. You can do a comparison between them, and include your link for each one.

Another approach that works well, is to weave your affiliate links into your articles, simply by being creative with the wording.

By describing a product or service within your article, and using an affiliate hyperlink to take your readers to a page, which can better describe your points, will more likely be accepted, and increase the chances of the readers clicking your them.

Research has proven that the most effective links are text links. They far exceed banners and flash animations, when it comes to click through rates. By adding these hyperlinks into your articles and distributing them across the web, using them on your own sites and blogs, you will see more clicks and more affiliate sales.

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