The New Goldmine Enterprise

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It’s no surprise that GoldMine CRM (customer relationship management) software has sold 1.7 million licenses worldwide. Combine that figure with 76% of the FTSE 100 and 50% of Fortune 500 companies that use GoldMine software, people can get a pretty good idea of GoldMine’s reliability, usability, versatility and functionality.

GoldMine software is designed with due consideration for the critiques, suggestions and complaints that GoldMine software has accumulated through over 13 years of service. Armed with experience as well as customer comments and suggestions, GoldMine has set out to produce an almost fully customized CRM software solution for different businesses.

With GoldMine Enterprise, companies are able to organize and manage business data the way they want to. Information storage is centralized within a network server with provisions for quick and easy access by on site and field employees for quick and easy updates. Collating and handling customer histories and information is made simple by a comprehensive customer information data sheet. With his data sheet, company personnel may access all details of a customer for personalizing sales strategies as well as efforts towards customer retention through personalized customer service.

Team leaders, area supervisors and top level management personnel are provided up to date information on sales activities, products and services information and productivity reports. With forecast tools built into GoldMine software, a company is afforded accuracy in predicting and analyzing pipeline details. Through forecasting, a team leader or supervisor can easily access data of individual sales personnel. This access allows managers to immediately formulate solutions for failing sales quotas.

Use GoldMine software to create and manage campaigns. GoldMine software allows managers to perform trial runs during the campaign creation process and immediately access forecasting tools for predicting and quantifying campaign ROI. With real time data available, managers may adjust and fine tune each aspect of a campaign as they see them.

Finally, use GoldMine CRM software to manage interaction between the company and customers. With highly detailed customer information sheets a mouse click away, formulating personalized customer interaction strategies is made easy. With a company able to provide personalized service to each and every customer in the GoldMine software database, a marked improvement in customer retention rates as well as specific marketing targeting activities is a very high probability.

The new GoldMine Enterprise is eagerly awaiting the chance to assist companies in increasing their revenues. With benefits such as cost and time efficiency and productivity, it’s only a matter of time before another company begins using GoldMine Enterprise and gains an upper hand. Don’t get left behind.

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