Web Directory An Evergreen Idea

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Once upon a time, if we need a contact number, our eyes went directly to the giant phone directories that lay around. Now, with the Internet taking over our lives, finding contact information is no trouble at all. With the proliferation of websites, we have seen the emergence of a new provider of information — the web directory. So, anytime you want to find the websites of a certain category that is of interest to you, look out for a good web directory.

Quite a few of these web directories allow you to place your links in them for free. If you want your website to be listed by a web directory — whether small or large – you will have to find out about the various types of links that can be placed. These types of links range from free submission links and reciprocal links to links that are paid submissions. There are also featured links which get a premium position in their categories. An addition to this is the featured homepage link which is listed on the web directory’s homepage. A recent development is the “Bid for Position” which allows you to bid so that you can determine the position of your site on the web directory.

Why should you place your link in a web directory? The most obvious reason for this is that it will allow your website to become more popular. It helps if the web directory is human-edited, for search engines are then more likely to give your website greater importance. Involve yourself in this time-consuming process, and you will see results in the greater traffic that comes to your website.

While some web directories list a large variety of general websites, many others choose to list out only specific niches. The latter may cater to specific regions, languages, age groups, sectors and even interests. You will certainly find out a lot by going to some good niche web directories.

Lawyer’s directories are one such group of niche directories. They list out the names and locations of lawyers that might meet your specific requirements. A lawyer’s directory helps you quickly browse through the names and qualifications of various types of advocates to find the best one. So whether you need a medical malpractice lawyer or a divorce lawyer or one that is well-versed in real estate legal issues, all you need to do is find a good lawyers directory.

Several lawyers’ directories categorize lawyers and law firms according to countries. Yet others categorize them according to the kind of cases that they take up. A large number of lawyer’s directories restrict themselves to particular cities or regions, and so makes your search a lot more specific.

So whether you are looking for attorneys or law firms, trash that archaic and time-worn telephone directory. Get that information that you have been looking for by simply searching in a good lawyers directory.

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