Choosing Cell Phone Features

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When shopping for a cell phone these days, it seems that it’s almost the same as shopping for a computer. In some cases they need to compatible with your PC or MAC in order to download information.

Some people find all of the features readily available with the purchase of a new cell phone to be an excellent development in the recent cell phone wars. Other people are simply looking for very basic features and don’t wish to be overloaded with too many options. This is understandable for those without jobs that require high functioning cell phones or older people who want a cell phone for roadside emergencies or health emergencies.

Streaming video capabilities, text messaging, voicemail, and still photograph capabilities are typically standard on new cell phones. However, cell phone shopping gets quite interesting once you go beyond the basics.

Cell phones come with PDA’s, the ability to download music, as well as Bluetooth technology. For those of you don’t know, Bluetooth is a term used for wireless. While that technically means that all cell phones are Bluetooth technology, when referring to cell phones it means being able to talk on the cell phone without having to touch the phone. It is most recognizable by the tell tale fixture that clips onto the ear. It allows for completely hands free communication. It also means that from a distance we appear to be a society wandering around talking into our shoulders and discussing business with ourselves.

Streaming video is an excellent quality in a cell phone, as is the ability to take photographs. However, some cell phones now have the capability to plug directly into the computer you have at home and download the video or photograph and retrieve it from the phone. This is a convenient feature considering the possibility of snapping a really good shot with a cell phone it is nice to be able to download it, save it, print it, or send it. Although most cell phones will allow you to send the photo at least to another cell phone. Not all cell phones are compatible with every home computer or may require special software so it is important to select carefully if this feature is important to you.

Distinguishing cell phone features that are important to your needs can be challenging, and it is important to shop for a cell phone where the staff is helpful. It could be safe to say that when in doubt buy the most, but often these features come with service charges and can really add up quickly.

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