Jewelry For That Special Day

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Every girl dreams of that day when she would one day be marching down the aisle to pledge her unconditional love to the man of her dreams. When you are planning to tie the knot, you want everything to be planned accordingly from the reception to the wedding favors, the bridal gown and even the bridal jewelry. As much as possible we exert every effort to make this very special day perfect and memorable.

Contrary to what other people may say, I believe that bridal jewelry is just as important as the other aspects and considerations we need to plan for in a wedding. It is important that the bride wears jewelry appropriate for the occasion to complement her bridal attire as well as enhance her over all look. With the wide array of choices in the market on the types and beautiful designs that are available, I’m pretty sure that you will be able to find one that will suit your wedding theme and bridal gown design.

Your selection on the kind of bridal jewelry for your wedding would depend a lot on the design of your bridal gown. Classics like a pearl necklace or a diamond pendant on a chain would go well with any bridal gown design. Include matching earrings as well. If you find diamonds to be too expensive, you can opt for a much affordable alternative with a cubic zirconia or Russian diamond. You can wear elaborate jewelry design if your bridal gown is very plain and simple. The bridal jewelry will then serve as the accent to add chic and elegance to the entire outfit. If the design of your bridal gown is with intricate lace trimmings, beads and embroidery, it would be best to go for simple jewelry design. Other jewelry options include sterling silver, gold and platinum.

In selecting a necklace ensure that the length would go well with the neckline of your gown. For tube or bustier as well as V-neck design, choker types would always be the best choice. If your bridal gown covers the neckline or is in a halter design, it is better not to wear any necklace and focus instead on the earrings that will bring attention to your face. You have the option of wearing just a simple stud of pearl or diamond design or going for chandelier or drop earrings if the wedding occasion is not that formal. Have an idea of how your coiffure will look like to be able to decide on what earring design would look best with it.

I guess what every would be bride needs to remember is to choose jewelry that appropriately matches her bridal dress to look her best and feel like a princess on this celebrated occasion.

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