Do You Believe In Destiny

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We have heard this word time and again. Some people believe in it while others don’t. I personally have mixed views with regards this destiny thing.

They say that destiny is fate. It is when two people are really meant for each other. It is when something is really for you like maybe a promotion or a new found job. Destiny is when the happenings in your life are defined by predetermined events.

So here comes the confusing part. People always say that you determine your life. We were created to be rational beings to make decisions in life if we must. In everything that we do be it as simple as what to wear for work, what to eat for breakfast or may it be a life changing decision that involves choosing who to spend the rest of our life with, the decision lies solely in our very own hands. Our life is like a clean canvass. We decide the colors that go into the canvass. All the good and all the bad that has happened in our lives all have resulted from the decisions that we have made in our lives.

But then other people also say that every single event that has happened in our lives has already been arranged in this so called book of life and that this book contains all the events that are supposedly going to happen. Everything happens for a reason, the people we meet along the way, the happiness and joys we may have experience or is yet to experience, the sorrows and heartaches that have yet to dampen our spirits; all will happen at the proper place and the proper time when that supposedly moment or occasion is suppose to happen.

So I say to you now. If indeed everything in this world has been predetermined already then why are we given the free will to choose? Do you suppose that despite all the choices we may have made, no matter how hard we try to achieve something it’ll never be within our reach if it is not meant to be a part of our lives? Does our destiny change when we take another course of action, one that is not directed towards what is supposedly to happen? Is what was already written in your so called book of life going to be altered if we try not let destiny have its way?

There are so many questions and yet there is no sure shot answer. What matters most for me is that we live everyday of our lives to the fullest not waiting for destiny to come our way. I am not also saying that in one way or another I don’t believe in fate for there are really certain events in my life that I do think fate had something to do with. Just do our thing. Do what you think and feel is right. Everything will just fall into place.

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