Data Is The Fuel For The New Systems

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Migrating and delivering data in a form that can be used by data-centric systems is one of the most important elements for a successful move to the SmartPlant solutions. Intelligent systems can convert data to information, but this requires some form of raw data to be able to function. This discussion of the relationship between systems and data may seem trivial, but it is fundamental to the successful implementation of any new system.

Through the years, we have gathered many lessons learned during data migration projects. Here is a list of my top five lessons learned:

When planning a new system installation, place a line item in the budget for data conversion and migration. In our experience, the migration effort can easily equal the time and cost for system licensing, delivery, training, and startup. The good news is that the investment will serve you for many years to come.

A former boss of mine frequently said, “Projects will come and go, but objects (data) will last forever.” Once migration and data recovery have been performed, the result should be considered an asset of the corporation. It should be secure, maintained, and continually used as facilities are designed and modified and decisions are made.

Create and migrate information once and use it many times. The value of information is directly proportional to the number of times it is used. Information referenced even once has real benefit.

Always evaluate how information will be accessible by multiple systems. Fundamentally, today’s technical systems are designed to look at the same plant elements

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