20 Tips For Building A Better Bio

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A bio is a key part of your marketing toolbox. And a well written one is worth it’s weight in gold! This seeming simple marketing blurb has the amazing power to wow the media, impress a decision maker, or showcase your expertise to any potential buyer. And, once you have written a good bio, you’ll find a million uses for it. In addition to adding one to your website, you can use in your article byline, email signature, one sheet, promotional flyers, brochures, sales letters, and more! But how you go about writing a bio?

Below are some 20 tips for what to include in your bio.

1. Area of expertise

2. Title and company name

3. Media coverage you have received including television, magazine, and radio

4. Topic you you are a sought after speaker on

5. Number of people you have spoken to

6. Number of counties you have spoken in

7. Names of books you have authored

8. Credentials including notable awards or recognitions you have won

9. Clubs or organizations that you are actively involved in

10. Personal insights such as what you believe, your mission, your vision

11. Quirky fact about you such as “A former school teacher-turned-confrontation expert, Jane helps people communicate more effectively. Or an avid baseball fan, when Bill is not speaking, you’ll find him eating hot dogs and watching the Chicago Cubs with his son Dave.

12. Interests or hobbies

13. Occupation of your parents, if it’s interesting and adds to the story. Ex: The son of Vermont Turkey Farmers, Jim Smith is….

13. What your hometown is known for.

14. Interesting or substantial former careers

15. What led you to start your current business

16. What you help people to do

17. Events that shaped your life

18. Offices you have held

19. Call to action like “For a free report on “9 Ways to Build your Bottom Line” visit (insert your URL).

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