The Law Of Attraction And Minding Your Business

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Is it any surprise that the most successful internet marketers, authors, philosophers, and entrepreneurs talk quite emphatically about the Law of Attraction? Personally, I don’t think so. The basic definition of the law of attraction is “like attracts like.” Another way to describe it would be to say “thoughts become things.” Everything starts with a thought. Even if the law of attraction is too far out of your spiritual comfort zone, you have to admit that nothing comes about until someone initially thinks about it. For anything to be brought forth into your life you must first think about it.

It’s amazing how many people go through life on auto pilot. They wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV and go to bed, only to repeat this sad scenario all over again the next day. There is no thought as to what they want out of life. Sure, there my be a fleeting thought of “this can’t be all there is to life.” But before any real change in awareness can bloom, the responsibilities of life choke out those thoughts and their dreary existence begins anew.

On the other hand there are those that think too much about what they do not want in their lives. They live a life of broken dreams, physical infirmity and debt because those are the things they put the most thought and the most feeling into. They dwell on these negative aspects of their lives and wonder why these aspects keep showing up. They blame society, their parents or whatever else when in actuality, their reality can be changed by a simple shift in awareness. They can regain control of their lives if only they are willing to take responsibility for it.

The Law of Attraction is nothing new to most people. It’s just that most people aren’t used to calling it that. It takes all of those lessons you learned in church about having faith and including not only your immortal soul into that equation, but your physical life as well. It isn’t merely a “positive thinking” method, although that’s a part of it. It isn’t a “woo woo” mumbo jumbo far out theory either. Just like how the Law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but is transferred from one form to another, The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” It’s just a simple fact that “like” thoughts, actions and feelings attract more of the same. It is a holistic approach to getting the things out of life that you want more of and changing your thoughts and awareness in order to attract those things to you.

Okay, by now, you’re probably wondering how this ties in with starting an online business. It should be obvious. Starting any endeavor takes thought. And if you can visualize being successful, you set yourself up for success. Make an effort to bring about positive visualization. It begins with being clear about what you want. Just as proper focus on tasks helps your business, proper focus on your thoughts helps bring your mental visualization into physical manifestation!

A good way to embrace the power of visualization is to write it down. I don’t mean a simple list of your goals. What I mean is to write a story. Write about the type of lifestyle your online business will afford you. Just write a descriptive story about a typical day, living the life you want because of the success of your online business. Be specific, write about the things you do, the house you live in. Really take your time and think about how you will feel. Take it in, generate these feelings in your mind. And write the story in the present tense. It may feel a bit awkward at first, but when you think about the things you want in the present tense and start feeling the gratitude for being in that state now, it places you in the correct emotional state to bring your desires to fruition.

Just think about this: all you have to do is think about something you want, place the correct focus on it, feel good about having it now and it will come. Don’t doubt and don’t think it’s an “easy answer” (because it’s a lot easier said than done, trust me) and believe that you deserve to be happy. I know that there are many who immediately dismiss the Law of Attraction because they look at it as an easy answer, a cosmic “get rich quick” scheme. But it is really about happiness. It’s all about adjusting your thoughts to attract good feelings and things that make you feel good.

In any endeavor, make an effort to adjust your thinking in order to achieve your goals. Call it what you want, faith, self confidence, blessings, etc. But the actions you take are the same. Ask, Believe, Receive!

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