Give Yourself Freedom Through A Home Business

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Most of us have had at least one job that made us feel like prisoners. You show up for your eight-hour day, sometimes more if there is forced over time. You sit at your desk, confined by a tiny office or cubicle. You feel like a caged bird. It gets harder and harder to get up and drag yourself into work each day. If this sounds familiar there is a way out. The key to freedom is running your own home business. It opens up those walls to allow you to stretch your wings.

Give yourself freedom to be your own boss. You set the pace, the hours and the pay. You don’t have to worry about the work warden coming around and shouting work harder, faster, longer hours. Free yourself! You are the one who should set the pace and the standard. You are the one who guides your life.

Give yourself the freedom to set your own hours. The sun is out and you have an itch to get out your tackle box and fishing pole. Maybe your sister is in town for two days and you haven’t seen her for two years. Usually you are forced to ask your boss for time off. You are often denied and spend your workday gritting your teeth to get through. If you are your own boss and you set your hours, you also give yourself much needed and well deserved time off. No filling out a form and waiting to see if it can be approved. Taking some time to do what is fun in life makes you a better worker. We are not robots and we do need down time to refresh our spirits.

Free yourself to care for family or friends. If you are a parent you’ve surely had a phone call from the school saying that little Johnny or Jill is ill and needs to be picked up. Once again you have to stare into your bosses eyes and ask if you can leave early to care for your little one. Most of the time you get a lecture on priorities and how important it is for every employee to be at work. You understand and don’t need a talking to. You need to go care for your child. If you have an ill friend or parent you get the same ordeal. No one needs this unwanted stress. By running your own business you are free to care for those who need you so much more than a company where you are just a number.

Just think you can wake up everyday to a job that is in your hands. You control what you do and when you do it. That’s the real freedom from running your own business. Don’t let yourself be caged by a mundane job. Don’t wait to get started, free yourself with your own business.

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