Coaching An Attitude

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Do you find yourself in a difficult work environment with no immediate view of a change in occupation? Do you labor on wondering if your work matters or if the future will ever be bright enough to wear shades?

If so, you can endure the difficulties and in the end you may be better equipped to manage future assignments in either your present job or any new employment you may pursue.

How can such a miracle take place?

Attitude. Your attitude about even the hardest of assignments can help you in the future. The truth is the only person you can control in this life is yourself. You can decide how you will respond. If you decide you are angry with your boss and that the demands placed on you are unreasonable your actions will demonstrate the perspective you have adopted. You will not be a pleasant employee, coworker, parent or spouse.

There is a story of a business owner that hired a temporary employee. The first day the business owner told the man that he needed a pile of bricks moved from one location on the property to another and then the bricks were to be carefully restacked. The man complied with the request easily enough and at the end of the day a beautiful stack of bricks were the representation of his attention to detail.

The second day the business owner pointed to the pile of bricks that were moved the day before and told the man that he wanted the bricks moved back to their original location and restacked. Without complaint the man happily complied with the same careful attention.

This happened for three more days and each day the temporary worker complied with what seemed to be an insane request and the boss was well pleased.

The story concludes with the temporary worker being selected as a supervisor in the company because he knew that value of following directions without complaint – even when the requests made no sense.

As an employee you may not have the ability to alter the direction your boss has determined for you. You might think it unfair, but your most important job is determining how you respond to the demands placed on you. A positive attitude could change how your boss perceives you and your abilities.

Another story is told of an elderly woman moved from her long-term home to a nursing care center. Even before she saw the room she exclaimed, “I love the room.”

A nurse said, “You haven’t even seen the room yet. How can you say you love it?”

“Because I’ve already made up my mind that I will, and that’s enough,” the older woman replied with a smile.

Our attitude can radically change our perspective and the way others perceive us. Stress levels decrease when we refuse to hold onto the stress that causes physical problems like ulcers and headaches.

You can actually be empowered by knowing that when it comes to how you respond YOU are the one in charge.

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