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The internet is one of the many children of modern technology. To most individuals, the internet serves various benefits for them. With the internet loaded with different types of information, people seek answers to several questions in mind through the web. It is not solely information that the internet brings you; it can also bring you entertainment. There are a lot of entertainment items featured over the net – there are web games, videos to view, chat rooms and other forms of diversion.

While most people appreciate the internet, there are some people who loathe the internet. Perhaps the few people who detest the internet are the ones who do not have a full grasp of the advantages one can obtain from using the web.

From here Jim Edwards enter. He undertakes one important goal – to help people be familiar with the internet so that it will be utilized in its optimum purpose. He likes to see people succeed in the internet marketing field.

If you wish to do well in the internet marketing field, you need to come up with a good web site. Creating a web site is a task wherein you have to exert more effort, a lot of patience and extract your creativity juices.

Out of Jim Edwards’ Ten Commandments on making a web site, three factors seem to be extremely indispensable.

Establish a purpose.

Purpose is a desired result to achieve something wherein it is always kept in mind every time an action is performed. What is your website for? That should be your initial question. List all the possible answers you can come up with and segregate the important ones.

Make your own vision and mission. Let it be your guide in establishing your purpose why you have thought of creating a web site.

Create for your audience.

These days, people want to have user-friendly gadgets because it simplifies their life. Make a simple, user-friendly website wherein people will find it easy to navigate and learn more about what you want them to be familiar with.

Yes, you may be an expert but put your feet into your audience’s shoes so that you will know what their needs and wants are. Remember, the web site is not solely for you to view and utilize. Go back to what your purpose is.

Make Things Simple.

“Simplicity is beauty,” they say. This phrase will serve great help to you. Design your website in such a way that it draws attention and will make your visitors want to come back every so often. You can forget about flashy colors in your design which is distracting to the eyes. Choose a color scheme that is friendly to the eyesight.

Keep your pictures minimal. Select pictures which are extremely important to your audience.

Text-wise, always make it standard. Use appropriate types of fonts as well as font sizes. If you wish to deviate with the standard, make certain that it will be beneficial to your target market. Most importantly, make certain that the end result is good.

Purpose, being audience-sensitive, and simplicity are three factors which are exceptionally beneficial to keep your web site up and running.

The internet, it may be a product of modern technology yet the system itself can be kept trouble-free if the people running the system have a goal like Jim Edwards – to let people have a grasp of the many benefits of internet.

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