Restaurant Business The Art Of Menu Writing

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The Art of Menu Writing – the Secret to the Overall Success of any Restaurant

Among the most consistent fixtures in any decent restaurant are the menus. They are one of the first things that greet you when you enter your favorite eating place as they are usually posted at the entrance or immediately handed to you once you are seated. You read them, use them, and then totally forget about them once the waiter has taken your order.

But menus do more than just list what a restaurant can offer. The menu is important to the overall success of the restaurant. Everything in a restaurant’s operation is linked to the menu and is why it is a very important matter to work on when running a restaurant. No matter how mundane menus may seem to the layman, writing them properly takes effort.

The writing of the menu doesn’t begin with the actual writing of what the restaurant can serve, but starts way before that. The art of menu writing begins with the conception of the restaurant. At the restaurant’s inception, a theme should be set and this theme should emanate through all the elements of the eating place. Hodgepodge doesn’t really work, while fusion may.

Whether it is Italian, Japanese, Chinese, modern or homey, there should be a theme that will stand for the identity of the restaurant. This theme will govern what is inside the menu, from its first print throughout all updates in the future. Having the theme helps narrow down the menu, keeping it simple not only for the customer’s eyes but also for the restaurant’s inventory. The theme will tell the owner or the chef what not to write in the menu and at the same time it will give the chef an idea of what to include.

After establishing the restaurant’s theme and listing the possible items to include in the menu, the next step is for the chef to write down the recipes of the “candidate” items. Get up to $25,000 to upgrade your skills as an Employee. US Government Grants for USA Citizens. Claim your FREE $79 Gov Grant book!

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