Little Known Passport To Wealth

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The answer to being able to find your passport to wealth online is…

“Big Ticket” items.

If you don’t know what those are yet, hold on, I will fill you in. First, something has to be addressed so that you really understand the power of “Big Ticket” items and why they are your ticket to producing a large amount of money online very quickly.

You are with almost 100% certainty making a false assumption about making money online that is derailing your chances to ever make a substantial amount of money. Before you hear what the false assumption is, answer the following question…

Would you rather make 100 Sales to make $1,000 online, or would you rather make just a single sale to produce that same $1,000 income?

It’s not a trick question. The answer is meant to be totally obvious.

Of course you should only want to make one sale as opposed to 100 to earn $1,000.

So why is it that so many people are wasting their time trying to market products, ebooks, opportunities etc. that pay them tiny commissions? I will tell you why, because there is a giant false assumption floating around in regards to being able to make quick easy money online. The false assumption….

It is easier to produce a $10 sale than it is to produce a $1,000 sale.

If you think that way, do yourself a favor and erase that thought from your mind forever. Locate that trash can within your brain, wad that statement up, set it on fire, and dump it’s ashes into the trash.

The absolute truth is that it takes just as much time, effort and money to produce a $10 sale as it does to produce a $1,000 sale.

Read that sentence two or three times and let it sink in. Then ask yourself this…

What the heck and I doing trying to sell $10 products, or even $100 products or opportunities when I could with the same effort be making just as many $1,000 sales?

What defines a “Big Ticket” item. That differs depending on who you ask, but in the opinion of most marketing experts, it is a product that makes you a commission of at or around $1,000. Why $1,000? Because that seems to be the threshold of what people are willing to spend pretty freely to join an opportunity or business. If it is more, it does in fact get harder to make sales. If it is less, you are selling yourself short.

Traditional compensation plans whether they be mlm, powerline, or some crazy combination of both require hundreds, even thousands of sales to produce a $5,000 monthly income. Plus, and this is industry standard statistics, most of the people you bring in will quit before 90 days requiring you to be constantly adding members to your team. Does that seem very quick or easy to you?

Big ticket compensation plans however could produce that amount of money with 5 sales or less depending on the structure of the compensation plan. Now that seems a heck of a lot quicker and easier to me.

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