Being Your Own Boss

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Working for yourself takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Not everyone is capable of accepting this kind of responsibility. You need to be the kind of person that is self motivated, organized, confident, and a self starter. You have only one person to answer to – yourself. You will have to work hard which may be an adventure but you may not see profitable results for the first year. That being said, there are some definite perks to working for yourself. Here are a few for you to mull over:

Everything in the world revolves around money. Starting your own business working for yourself means you have a greater potential to see more money than if you are working for someone else. For example, imagine that you work for $10 an hour. The company you work for pays $20 an hour for the cost for you to work plus materials, but the machinery you run produces $60 an hour worth of product. The company just made a profit of $30 an hour on your $10 an hour salary. As the employee you will never see that $30 profit, but as an entrepreneur you will. You will make money off of your employee’s as well just like your boss made money off of you.

You can take great pride in working hard to create a business that flourishes. A business that will provide well for you and your family will bring you great joy and pride. You will also be proud that you have accomplished what many others are unable to do, and that you have your own income based on your hard work.

Working for yourself increases your flexibility. You are your own boss and that means you make the schedule. You work when you need to and have time off when you need to. A really successful business has plenty of employees that work hard and the boss can take off when ever he or she needs to.

Freedom of time and money is another perk to being your own boss. You will have the freedom of time to explore the things you want to do and the money to do them in the way you want to. Turning your hobbies and the things you love into your work will make you happy and give you an income.

Being your own boss gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your family. This means you make your own schedule and if you want to go to your kid’s baseball game, soccer game or ballet recital you can be there. If you are sick you do not have to call in, because you are the boss.

Take the plunge – become your own boss and enrich your life!

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