Selecting A Magazine Your Conscience Might Influence You

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Selecting a magazine can be an interesting thing when you already know what you want. You can either make a choice as to the type of magazine you use depending on your activity or occupation in life. Several types of profession or occupation count in deciding on a magazine. However, for the purpose of this article, I will classify all religious professions as humanitarian. This also includes those that provide counseling and all sorts of moral upbringing. If you are a humanitarian, select a magazine that has the following qualities:

The first point is what do you think or want society to be like? With this in mind, look for magazines that prescribe genuine and acceptable standards in our surroundings, magazines that preach religious messages or that condemns any form of immorality.

Look for periodicals that the advocate equality for all, equality in terms of expression, wealth, gender and that epitomize goodness at all cost. Through this, you become inspired day-by-day to pursue what you desire.

Select a magazine that criticizes society and its leaders, magazines that address social issues directly such as one the passes judgment without fear of favour or repression from a particular public officer. Decide on a magazine that will make you see what society should do in the face of dishonest officers or that which calls to order the breach of public trust held by public trustees.

Think of a publication that sympathizes with your passion on being a good leader. When you read of articles that uplift your spirit, your dreams are directed towards your passion. When your dreams, passions and aspirations reach their apex, actions prop up. Your plan of becoming a leader materializes. You are the architect to better sculpt the society. Do not wait for others to start. Start today by reading those publications which match your thoughts to action.

Do you think that there is no forum for you to put through your views? Then prefer that publication which allow for views or which has an opinion page. This might be the only way for you to speak out to the pubic against an issue of social concern, for example where you can speak out against the oppression of man by man. You cannot claim to be a humanitarian campaigner if you cannot use the opportunity given to you to speak about what you hold.

Seek for publications that will tell you where, when and to whom to make donations to change the lives of others. Permit yourself to be read as having been a mover and shaker of your society. If you begin to walk in a spirited new path, new prospect for humanity will crop up. The humanitarian values that we advocate for will become realities. Rise up and become the person that you think the world needs.

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