Here Is A List Of Questions That A Merchant Should Ask Companies Offering Payment Processing Solutions In Order To Verify Their Ability Reliability And Honesty

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Question: How responsive will a payment solutions provider be to a merchant?

Industry standards: Voice mail or email.

Optimal: Voice mail or email should be answered the same day. In addition, telephones should be answered by real people.

Question: Do they offer a complete line of payment processing services?

Industry standards: Lack of a complete package of services and/or only represent one processor or provider.

Optimal: The short answer should be yes. Many providers only offer one payment processing service (like merchant accounts). However, they should also provide electronic checks, electronic check conversion, automation of receivables, bad check recovery, as well as all other payment processing services. Several processors should be available in order to be price competitive.

Question: How do I know if the services are reliable and perform as represented?

Industry standards: Sometimes you can only hope that you will receive what you were promised.

Optimal: References/testimonials should be provided. You should be able to “check out” the service and reliability of anyone you may be considering doing business.

Does the processor sell email addresses or any personal information?

Industry standards: Many companies will sell your email address or personal information.

Optimal: This should be a definite no!

Question: What about transaction security?

Industry standards: Varies.

Optimal: Your provider should provide the latest SSL encryption technology and your transactions should be submitted to a secure server for posting.

Question: Can I see how your service/services work?

Industry standards: Most companies do not offer free demonstrations on how their services actually work.

Optimal: Demos should be offered routinely. You should be able to take a “test drive” before spending your hard-earned dollars.

Question: Can you provide any information about the processor that you recommend?

Industry standards: Varies.

Optimal: Detailed information on any processor recommended should be provided upon request.

Question: After I am a customer, what happens when I call with a service problem?

Industry standards: Many times it is almost impossible to talk to anyone. Do you want to talk to voice mail? Press option one if you want…or press option two if you want…etc. Many times email or voice mail is never answered.

Optimal: Emails should be answered the same day. Telephones should be answered by real people. Assistance should be cheerfully provided. Service problems should be followed up and progress should be reported to you every step of the way until your issue is resolved!

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