In Business Take The Opportunity To Win The War

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I think that business can easily be thought of in the same way as a military campaign. Your competitors will take the opportunity (have no hesitation) in using your ideas or attacking your customers. If they can most will not hesitate to crush you!

Another tactic that I have personally encountered is when our competitor tried and succeeded in poaching 2 of my staff. Eventually I managed to get one back primarily because she didn’t like her new boss. I was actually glad that they poached the other one who was a good talker but had very poor work ethics!

I have seen friends trample over close friends all for the sake of a “fistful of dollars” (sorry pounds) – on a side note the pound is still holding above $2 USD at the time of writing.

I believe that most businesses will have to operate using military tactics if they are to be successful. They must use intelligence to find out everything about their competitor. They must keep one step ahead. They must move forward only when they are sure of holding their new position. They must fully equip their troops for the battles ahead.

In this economic climate where the big boys are trying to muscle in on our territory a military plan is essential. Do you agree? There are many books that use the analogy of war to create business tactics.

The most innovative will survive whilst the people who wrest on their laurels will slowly wither and die. Do not mess around on “no hopers and get to your customers before your competitors do”.

Tescos… The UKs biggest supermarket is certainly not resting on its laurels.

Market share continues to rise. It is not content just with the grocery market. It is attacking insurance, clothing, furniture, electrical goods and pharmaceuticals.

Tesco now controls 30% (up from 29% last year) of the UK grocery market. To continue its growth, it has introduced premium own brand ranges, introduced Tesco Express (to circumvent the Office of Fair Trading – OFT rules) and in some towns now controls 40% of the grocery market.

Do you think that it will stop there? Small shops in our towns, villages and cities are now facing the battle of the giant. Is this a war? You can bet it is. Considerable opportunities still exist for the small businessman. Take every opportunity to move forwards before your competitors do!

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