We Only Go Through Life Once

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Life has its ups and downs. We go through life everyday filled with uncertainty never knowing what lies ahead. We may never know that with just the snap of a finger we may lose our lives. We never know that today may be our last day on this planet.

The great thing though about this so called life is that we make it. Everyday counts as we go through the journey of happiness and sadness, of feeling love and getting hurt, of obtaining success or falling hard. Life is indeed very colorful and you put the colors in it.

As people say, life is like a wheel there may be times when you are on top, on the peak of your career, on the top of the corporate ladder, on the top of the list as one of the wealthiest. Sometimes, you may be in the middle having an average living, having a typical family. Quite often we may be at our lowest, when we suffer hard, when we feel down.

I have to say that life has not been sweet for many of us especially those who suffer everyday may it be suffering in sickness, in lack of finances to buy even a single meal as well as suffering from fear, rejection and loneliness. I do not believe there is but a single person who hasn’t experienced any hardship in life.

Life is precious and we should value every minute, every second of it. I always believe that since I will only be given one shot with this, then I should make the most out of it. We can never return to yesterday neither are we given the opportunity to go back through time in our lives to redo whatever it is that we thought we should have done.

Always look at the brighter side of things. You may have failed, you may have been hurt and heartbroken, you may have been rejected but life goes on and tomorrow is another opportunity for you to do what you think and feels right for you life.

We only go through life once so seize the opportunity of every moment. Savor both the good and the bad. Go through life knowing that you have made every single day count by doing what you want to do. Go through life with no regrets without feelings of wonder on the “what ifs” because you never gave it a shot. Knowing that you have lived everyday, as if it were your last makes waking up everyday more than worthwhile.

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