Vision Care

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We perceive the world through our senses. But it is only through the eyes that we see the world. The sense of hearing and touching may enable us to picture things but nothing compares to what the eyes can perceive.

Our sense of sight is so important so much so that imagination can only begin to take shape through them. The picture that the sense of hearing can paint to us is relative to the imagination of what the sense of sight has seen. It would be very difficult to demonstrate beauty if one has never seen color or figures in harmony. It takes the experience of sight to begin with.

People who are endowed with the gift of sight may find it difficult to appreciate this gift. They tend to ignore the importance of it as though one is expected of having them. A person who views the world through a glass may very well value the difference of it. Wearing spectacles is never that easy. You can just imagine how that person goes about his life depending much on his pair of eyeglasses. It is very important then that much care has to be given to our eyes.

Our eyes being a very sensitive organ must always be given much attention. Nature has its ways of caring for the eyes. It blinks to refresh our eyes every now and then. It also has its way of taking in light. It dilates when it requires more light for it to see. And it contracts when it receives too much light. But should circumstances present it as unsafe, it also shuts out as a natural reaction to pain or as a defensive mechanism to protect it.

But it is not as always that our eyes can protect themselves. That is why our duty of caring for it is called upon. You just can’t leave your eyes exposed to the hazards of getting it blinded under the long exposure of the sun. Sunglasses have been made for that. Viewing the beauty under the water is only possible with open eyes. To enjoy it water goggles are there. Whenever our eyes are out against the elements of nature, there are specific protective gadgets worn to keep it safe. Make good use of them whether at work or at leisure.

There are lots of things that your eyes can offer you: enjoyment, learning, more fulfillments in life and others. But you can enjoy more of what your eyes can give you if you continue to care for it always.

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