800 Thread Count Sheets A Complete Shopping Review

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Perhaps you can call me a man’s man. Well, no – that is not quite true. That sort of implies that I am a dude – I am not. For starters I don’t enjoy watching football; neither do I like to sock my friends in the arm except if they really have it coming, nor do I have any trouble talking about my feelings. It is just that, well, if it is a difference between living in squalor and taking the time to clean up and decorate my room, 9 times out of 10 I will chose the squalor. Surely what a difference getting engaged has made.

A few days back, we had gone out for shopping. All along the way to the store, my wife couldn’t help but talk about the 800 thread count sheets that she wanted. In spite of her insistence, I had no clue about what 800 thread count sheets are. Oh no, they sure cannot be the 300 thread count sheets, like the ones that I had when we first met that she was so grumpy about from about the time that we got serious. Frankly speaking, I really can’t see the difference. In fact she has 800 thread count sheets on her bed, and at all times asserts that they are so much nicer than mine. As far as I m concerned a sheet is a sheet. Well I suppose if it really makes her feel content to get 800 thread count sheets, God bless her shopping trip, but it is a bit of a hassle to be dragged along on such an outing.

It is not just the reason behind that she needs her expensive 800 thread count sheets. On my part I m willing to spilt-up the expenses with my dear fianc

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